“Indoor Grow Unit and C-Led technology for fresh, nutritious and sustainable microgreens”

Cefla, a multi-business group from Imola specialized in point-of-sale furniture solutions and LED lighting, has developed Grow Unit, a latest-generation system for the production of sprouts, medicinal herbs and micro vegetables through irrigation and LED lighting, born from the company’s know-how in collaboration with university research.  A sort of “indoor vegetable garden” thanks to which it is possible to grow microgreens that are real zero kilometer superfood… The microgreens are in fact sustainable for the reduction of CO2 emissions compared to traditional cultivation and for the reduction of supply chain steps and long transport. In addition, they can be considered sustainable superfood also and above all for their nutritional value thanks to the vitamins contained up to 40 times higher than normal vegetables, without considering the fact that they grow without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Cefla’s Grow Unit has already made its debut in some Italian retail outlets and has also earned a place in the kitchen of the ninth edition of MasterChef Italy


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