Here are some resources and tools dedicated to students who want to find out more about SDGs:

The BeSustainable! meetings at school include a training session on the 2030 Agenda and the various economic, social and environmental issues it addresses. Download the slides of the BeSustainable! training sessions at school.

Scuola 2030 is a portal created by Indire, on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and in collaboration with ASviS, which offers self-training materials, content and resources to bring to the classroom an education inspired by the themes of 2030 Agenda. Teachers from all schools of all levels can take advantage of the course free of charge through the platform with their SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System).

Mission 1.5 is an online video game, created by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). It is an easy and engaging way to learn about solutions that help to stop climate change. At the end of the game players can vote for the type of climate action they want to see implemented and share their votes with friends. Votes will then be counted and sent to world leaders. This information will help governments gain the confidence they need to take courageous action against the climate crisis.

Coopstartup Bellacoopia is a cooperative culture path aimed at high school students in Emilia-Romagna. The aim is to train and provide tools for young people to encourage an entrepreneurial awareness, in a cooperative form, that aims at innovation and sustainable development. Find out more about the Coopstartup Bellacoopia and the tools to create cooperatives in an innovative and sustainable way.

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