A Positive Loan tool designed to stimulate further improvements in the environmental performance of the Imola manufacturing facility, with a strong focus on water cycle and waste management. Moreover, once the stated sustainability goals have been achieved, the loan terms become even more favourable for the company

BNL BNP Paribas Group has provided SACMI with a 50 million euro loan to support the company’s business development and its environmental and social sustainability projects.
This ‘Positive Loan’ scheme, in fact, offers specific terms and conditions designed to stimulate further enhancement of in-factory environmental performance. The terms of this new loan type are linked to actual achievement of precise sustainability goals – as confirmed by measurement and monitoring – that yield increased company competitiveness.
“Careful attention to environment and community lie at the very heart of SACMI’s founding values”, points out the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi. “That’s why SACMI has, for some years now, been implementing long-term strategies to combine business development with the achievement of increasingly ambitious safety, emissions, water cycle and waste management goals”.
This BNL loan focuses on improving these last two aspects: what’s more, the Positive Loan terms become even more advantageous for the company on achievement of specific efficiency targets for the management of non-recoverable waste (especially the oily emulsions generated by machining) and optimised management of the water cycle (the parameters take onto account the ratio between cubic metres of purified water and number of man-hours invested by company purifier employees).
More generally, this loan strengthens a long-standing partnership between SACMI and BNL BNP Paribas Group, one based on mutual trust, transparency, financial solidity and careful management. “In these unprecedented times for Italian society and industry”, continues the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi, “we believe it’s necessary to carry on investing in the ‘shared wealth’ of people, environment and community. Hence our adherence to our partners’ proposal to insert specific ‘green’ clauses in this loan agreement, itself part of a wider investment plan aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of production processes”.