We can’t wait to get back to school!  

Every year the BeSustainable! project meets an increasing number of high schools throughout the Emilia-Romagna region to bring the themes of the UN 2030 Agenda  to the classroom and foster reflections, conversations, sometimes heated debates, on active and responsible citizenship, responsible production and consumption, circular economy, gender equality, environment and many other topics related to the concept of Sustainable Development.  

Each class, each student, offers us new ideas to improve ourselves, to understand what is important to them in terms of sustainability for their city or community in a broader sense.  

This year, the emergency caused by the pandemic crisis has forced us to stop halfway. So many classes met in the first two months of the year and so many more to meet.  

We’re already warming up our engines for September to get back on track as before, indeed better than before with BeSustainable! and involve students and professors in the activities we have in the pipeline for the second half of this year.