These days we’re taking part in the BE Sustainable project’s school-workshops in order to understand and analyse the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set by the UN in 2015, that will bring us to 2030 towards (hopefully) a more welcoming, clean, sustainable, inclusive and fair future.

During our debate in class, my schoolmates and me had the opportunity to realize that even if the UN policies, raising awareness about the 17 SDGs and Governments coalition to contribute to the 2030 Agenda are very important steps, they’re not enough to build the foundations for a new, more sustainable world.

Some slides helped us to identify some daily behaviour, connected to common sense and good habits, that can be already considered as a good contribution to the cause:

  • Saving power by plugging our devices into a multiple socket and switching them off when not using them.
  • Paying the bills online or using the mobile phone, without printing any document. No document, no need to cut down trees and forests.
  • Getting informed, talking, sharing information with friends in order to raise awareness about the topic.
  • Getting informed about local news to develop a critical perspective on what            surrounds us.

In short, small actions for a big change. We will try, it’s a stimulating challenge.

Andrea (Modena)

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