On 6 March 2018, the class 3^A opes of the “A. Sanvitale” high school in Parma, took part in the first meeting with the BE Sustainable project’s tutors.

Together with Jonathan and Rachele, the class explored the world’s environmental and energetic current situation, going from water to food shortages in some countries. The tutors introduced the 2030 Agenda’s 17 goals to the class, a set of goals listed by the United Nations to be reached by 2030.

These goals concern issues of our society, such as hunger, poverty, gender inequality along with health, education and justice. Then, the class was given puzzles and was asked to work in smaller groups to compose some words with the help of the letters contained in each puzzle piece. The words were HEALTH AND WELFARE, FAIR AND SAFE WORLD, POVERTY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY.

The groups divided the 17 goals in the 6 parts of the puzzle then they explained their thoughts to the other groups. Through this experience, we had the opportunity to talk and share ideas about the nature of the 17 goals.

Aurora (Parma)