What impact will the Coronavirus emergency have on sustainable development? ASviS has answered this question with an analysis designed to help predict how the health emergency we are experiencing will change our world, our society and us as individuals.

“First, a qualitative assessment of the crisis was made on the predictable performance of the more than 100 elementary indicators used to develop the composite indices for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The assessment focuses on the short-term effects of the crisis (i.e. during 2020), assuming the removal of current restrictions on people’s mobility and economic activity by June”.

The result of this assessment highlights the performance of the various SDGs: expected largely negative impact for Goals 1 (Poverty), 4 (Education), 8 (Economic and employment conditions), 9 (Innovation), 10 (Inequalities); moderately positive trend for Goals 7 (Energy system), 11 (Sustainable cities and communities), 13 (Combating climate change) and 16 (Peace, justice and solid institutions); substantially zero impact for Goals 6 (Clean water), 14 (Flora and aquatic fauna) and 17 (Partnership). Finally, for the remaining six Goals the impact is uncertain given the impossibility of predicting their relationship with the crisis and the impact it will have on them. (Here the full assessment document)

This analysis disproves, once and for all, the idea that an economic crisis ‘does good’ to sustainable development as defined by Agenda 2030, which includes economic, social, environmental and institutional dimensions,” reiterated Enrico Giovannini, spokesman for ASviS.

In order to further demonstrate the usefulness of assessing the expected impact of regulatory measures on the three dimensions of sustainable development, ASviS examined the “Cura Italia” Decree Law and for each article identified the most impacted Objectives. The analysis shows that the provisions of the Decree mainly concern Goal 3 (Health and Well-being), for the numerous measures to strengthen the National Health Service; Goals 8 and 9; Goals 1 and 10, due to the economic support measures for families, workers and businesses. Finally, Goal 16 is influenced by interventions on public administrations, the continuity of the postal service, law enforcement, the management of justice and the operation of prisons.

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