“Healthy and sustainable innovation also in the package”

Fruttagel‘s commitment to innovation, wellbeing and attention to the environment continues with its new line of fruit drinks, designed for children, under the Almaverde Bio brand, the leading brand of Italian organic food and agriculture, of which Fruttagel is a founding member.

The new range includes “Il polposo” peach-flavoured, with 85% fruit, and “I limpidi”, in the two flavours apple and ace, both with 80% fruit. The new Almaverde Bio products are available in packs of three briks of 200 ml each, in Tetra Prisma® packs, made with FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) certified paper and materials from controlled sources. The innovative PullTab™ opening also allows the product to be consumed without the use of a straw.

The new Almaverde Bio drinks produced by Fruttagel are designed to bring children closer to fruit consumption, to which only water and natural flavours are added, to obtain a healthy, tasty and low-calorie (35 Kcal/100ml) snack or breakfast solution.

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