The CSR Europe campaign “European Pact for Sustainable Industry”, the European Pact  which aims at scaling up the impact of the individual efforts of companies, industry federations and EU leaders, has been officially launched.

The aim of the campaign is to mainstream sustainability in order to bounce forward from COVID-19 and start a better reconstruction, all in line with the objectives of the EU Green Deal and the  Industrial Strategy with the aim of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2019, 380 CEOs in 24 European countries approved the CEO Call to Action for a New Deal for Europe: a Europe that focuses on sustainability, climate action and inclusion.

In 2020, CSR Europe, Europe’s largest business network for sustainability and corporate social responsibility, is conducting a Call to CEOs in the framework of the European Pact for Sustainable Industry. Their ambition is that by 2024, all European industry federations will launch a mature Sustainability Industry Strategy.

With the Pact, companies and industry federations express their duty to work together constructively, actively and continuously at all levels, from local to global: taking care of the health of people, families, work, the environment and the climate; increasing the resilience of businesses and supporting new forms of leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainable finance that create value for society; protecting and creating jobs and innovating economic activities within a fair and socially inclusive transition.

The European Pact for Sustainable Industry will be officially inaugurated at the European SDG Summit (26-30 October 2020).