“20 million litres of water saved each year”

Camst has activated an innovative project to reduce water consumption and guarantee higher standards of hygiene and safety in centralized kitchens by using the same sanitization methods used in surgery rooms.

To date, in the 36 centralized kitchens where the new approach has been applied, savings ranging from 0.6 to 0.72 litres of water per meal produced have been recorded. Considering that in the 36 kitchens about 30 million meals are produced every year, Camst manages to avoid wasting about 20 million litres of water every year, the equivalent of 8 Olympic swimming pools. 

The presentation of the project was also hosted at the United Nations in New York during the day dedicated to the theme of “food loss and food waste” as part of the activities of the Future Food for Climate Change Summer School organized by FAO and Future Food Institute.

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