The Project

The Project

BE Sustainable! Cooperating for Sustainable Development is a project promoted  by Legacoop with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) listed in the UN 2030 Agenda.

The project addresses  those schools in Emilia-Romagna in which the Regional Network Bellacoopia has already activated entrepreneurial simulation programs. We will work alongside the young students involved in order to promote an increasingly innovative, responsible and sustainable idea of entrepreneurship.

The UN 2030 Agenda is not a faraway slogan, it doesn’t have to evoke only hunger and desertification . Indeed, it is a big global working plan to which everybody can and must give his or her own contribution.

Students, professors, enterprises and communities can, individually or collectively, contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Developments Goals.

The project plans to carry out an educational meeting in each of the applying Schools, followed by a mentoring session aimed at linking the students’ entrepreneurial idea to the potential Goals it impacts.

Students from all over the Region will give life to the BE Sustainable Newsroom which will help us to share the Sustainable Developments Goals’ meaning and will teach us to look at our everyday life with fresh eyes.